the washable pad for VETERINARIANS

The LP PRO Line is designed with veterinarians in mind. We have taken our trusted Lennypad and added a deluxe soaker composition. The LP PRO Line offers superior absorbency with a leak-proof barrier. Sign up below to access our exclusive veterinary discount program for your facility.


Veterinarians with Lennypads
The absorbent quality of Lennypads creates a dry and comfortable surface for animals on exam and surgery surfaces. The pad’s deluxe soaker layer quickly absorbs any liquids that becomes present during the exam process. Blood, bile, urine and any other discharge soaks up into the pad keeping the area dry and proves easy clean up for the facility staff.


Veterinarians with Lennypads
Lennypads are commonly used in vet facilities for boarding or patients recovering from procedures. The pads provide additional comfort for the animal. Each pad continues to be fully absorbent and leak-proof just in case of accidents or to absorbent any liquids from the recovering patient. Lennypads come in a variety of sizes to best fit your kennel and recovery area needs.

A Lennypads specialist will be in contact to discuss which washable pads will be the best fits for your needs.