Are you tired of disposable potty pads? Tired of shredding, soppy, messes that do not work? Well, you are not alone. Countless pet parents feel this pain every day. Good news! A potty pad revolution is upon us and for the first time there is a potty pad that you will love to use again…and again. That pad is the Lennypad! Here is how Lennypads 4 quality layers work.

1a quilted face, that wicks

The Lennypads quick wicking surface is designed to draw the liquid away from the top layer keeping your pet dry, comfortable, and clean.

2an ultra ultra absorbent soaker

The ULTRA absorbent soaker layer pull all the moisture down from the surface. Lennypads are some of the most absorbent potty pads on the market. The ULTRA absorbent soaker provides odor reduction as well.

3a leak-proof barrier

NO MORE LEAKING! Each Lennypad has a commercial grade, water-proof vinyl barrier. So, whatever liquids go in the pads – well, they stay in the pad.

4a leak-proof barrier

Lennypads are DURABLE! The backing is a fabric mesh makes each super durable. This also allows for each pad to be washed and reused over and over again.

Each Lennypad is tested to a minimum of 300 washes before the performance of the pad is affected. That means ONE Lennypads replaced a minimum of 300 disposable pads!

Care: Lennypads are designed to withstand home and commercial washing machines. Once the Lennypad is soiled or dirty simply place in the washing machine with any cleansing solution. Solutions commonly used are bleach, oxi-clean, or any detergent of your choosing. YES, Lennypads are bleach safe. For washing of fecal matter or urine we suggest a warm water cycle and if there is blood any on the pad we suggest a cold water cycle. Pads wash white and bright time and time again. NOTE: bleach is only suggested for the WHITE Lennypads. If bleach is used on designer pads there is the risk of fading or discoloration.

To Dry or not to dry? Lennypads are designed to withstand drying on a medium to lower setting. We suggest that Lennypads are NOT dried on a high setting as it can damage the vinyl barrier. To extend the life of your Lennypad the best practice is to hang or air dry the pad.