Tens of thousands of pet owners LOVE Lennypads, but sometimes there are frequently asked questions.

1. How many times can you wash a Lennypad?

Lennypads are designed with 4 layers of commercial grade textiles. Lennypads are tested at approximately 300 washes before seeing any significant wear.

2. Can you use bleach on a Lennypad?

Yes, Lennypads are bleach safe. Bleach is best for taking out coloration and odor from the pad. Other solutions that are commonly used during the washing process are Oxi-Clean, Detergent, Vinegar, or Borax. We do not suggest that you use Bleach on designer Lennypads.

3. Can you dry Lennypads in a drier?

Yes, but we suggest on a low heat setting. High heat will cause shrinkage and potentially damage the vinyl, leak-proof barrier. Hang or air-drying is the best practice if possible.

4. Which side goes up?

Always place the quilted side up. This is the side that the pet urinates on and the side with the soaker layer.

5. How long can I leave a Lennypad out for?

Every pet situation is unique, but you will find that Lennnypads are much more absorbent than a disposable pad and dry quicker. The average customer leaves a pad out for 24-48 hours before placing in a hamper or preparing for washing. You can extend the longevity before washing with Lennyshield – the odor eliminator extender spray.

6. What size is best for me?

Please view our size guide for more details. But in general, our smaller sizes are appropriate for smaller dogs and used as potty pads or crate liners. The larger sizes are commonly used to cover furniture or place in whelping boxes for the birthing of new puppies.

7. I am a breeder, are Lennypads used in whelping boxes?

Yes, countless breeders use Lennypads during the birthing process of puppies. The pads give traction to the new born puppies as well as keep them dry and comfortable. Lastly, clean-up is simple compared to disposable alternatives or towels. The most common sizes used for whelping boxes the XXL, JUMBO, and KING Lennypads.

8. Are Lennypads made in the America?

Yes, Lennypads are proud to be made in the USA. All the materials are sourced in America all the way down to the threading. So be proud of your Lennypads products.

9. Are Lennypads like medical grade hospital pads?

The technology is similar, but the Lennypads are designed with the thickest soaker composition on the market. This keeps your pet dry and comfortable. Also, Lennypads are designed to fit pet-sized needs.

10. Do you make custom Lennypads sizes?

At this time, no we do not. We specialize in specific sizes that are best for the pet industry. If there is a size that you are in need of please email us as we listen to all customer feedback.

11. Can Lennypads be used for animals other than dogs?

Yes, Lennypads are commonly used for cats as a litter tray or to place under the litter box. Lennypads are also used in rabbit cages or for guinea pigs.

12. Do you have programs for rescues?

Yes, we take pride in supporting rescues with discount and donation programs. Visit our Lennypads Rescue page and complete the application form. A Lennypads specialists will then contact you.

13. Do you sell to wholesale accounts?

Yes, Lennypads are ready for retail. Countless stores from independent boutiques to regional chains offer Lennypads. Visit our Lennypads wholesale page and complete the application form. A Lennypads wholesale specialists will then contact you.

14. Are Lennypads used in veterinary facilities?

Yes, Lennypads are growing in popularity for use in veterinary hospitals and clinics. Lennypads has developed the LP Pro line that is 20% more absorbent than our standard line for the vet industry. We do offer a discount program to veterinary facilities. Visit our Lennypads veterinary page and complete the application form. A Lennypads LP Pro specialists will then contact you.