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31 August 2018

DIY Dog Walking Station

If you’re a crafty dog parent, this DIY Dog Walking Station is perfect for you. All the supplies are readily available at your local hardware and craft stores, and you can easily customize it to your liking. This station has a basket for storing dog-walking necessities, like Lenny’s favorite ball, and the hooks are great for hanging leashes, harnesses, and even your car keys. You can even assign hooks to specific pets so they know exactly where their leashes are at all times. 

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02 August 2018

Dogolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate chip cookies are universally adored. Whether they’re hot and melty or cold and chewy, there’s no wrong way to enjoy these delectable treats. Unless, of course, you’re a dog. Unfortunately, dogs will never be able to share in the magical taste of chocolate chip cookies. It’s common knowledge that chocolate is toxic to dogs and cats, which puts them on the no-no list for pets. What’s not common knowledge is that there is a chocolate substitute that is safe for dogs and cats to enjoy! Say hello to carob.

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