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Lennypads help vet techs care for pets

Vet Techs are saving time, money and the environment with Lennypads. Lennypads are the reusable, cleaner, greener pet pads designed to be washed and used hundreds of times. Made in the USA Lennypads incorporate eco-friendly, ultra-absorbent materials with superior durability and reliability.

Designed for pet professionals, Lennypads are praised for their versatility. In addition to their everyday use as potty pads, vet techs use Lennypads as ultra-absorbent, cushioned surfaces to place dogs during exams, while in surgery and on kennels floors.

Lennypads come in two absorbency levels and a wide variety of sizes to fit all dog breeds.

LP Pro pads are similar to traditional Lennypads but are made with a deluxe soaker to provide the ultra-absorbency needed in veterinary settings. LP Pro pads are specifically designed for use on surgery surfaces, exam tables, recovery areas and cages.

Vets techs, doctors and staff can feel good about using Lennypads’ LP Pro line because they are American-made, eco-friendly and cost-effective. Made of the highest quality durable materials, assembled by American workers, LP Pro pads stand up to hundreds of uses, saving money and keeping disposable pads out of landfills.

Here’s what one vet has to say:

“The Lennypads are a great resource for my clinic. They provide easy clean up and bring comfort to the animals. These pads save me money and save my staff precious time. A great investment!” Pam, DMV

Using Lennypads is easy. Simply use, wash and reuse. Once Lennypads are soiled, wash them in a home-style or commercial washer using bleach, oxi-clean and/or detergent of your choosing. Then dry on low or hand Lennypads to air dry.

LP Pro pads are available in a variety of sizes for various uses in veterinary settings. Crate and general-purpose pads range from the 18”x24” pad to the 36”x36” pad. 28”x48” pads are ideal for exam and surgery surfaces.

These commercial-grade pads offer superior absorbency and durability thanks to their unique multi-layer construction. In fact, Lennypads’ LP Pro pads are designed to withstand hundreds of washes and save vets thousands of dollars annually versus disposable pads.

LP Pro Construction:

  1. The wick-away top layer is quick-drying, made from quilted, brushed polyester to patients dry, comfortable and clean.
  2. The second layer consists of a professional-grade, ultra-absorbent soaker pad made to absorb large volumes of liquid.
  3. The next layer is a vinyl, leak-proof barrier that keeps surfaces under the pad dry and sanitary.
  4. The bottom layer is composed of a woven mesh backing that maximizes the pads’ durability, allowing for hundreds of washes.

Check out LP Pro pads for yourself at and see what they can do for your clinic or animal hospital.


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