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So Many Ways to Use Lennypads

Lennypads are known as the most absorbent washable dog potty pads on the market. Did you know that Lennypads have many uses that go way beyond the typical potty pad? You won’t believe how versatile these seemingly simple pads can be.

Pet parent, Nancy describes the various ways she uses Lennypads in her home. “Lennypads are great! I have one under the water fountain, under my powerchair, under the puppy’s X-pen, under the litterboxes and many other places, too. Thank you, Lennypads, for offering so many sizes I can use in so many places.”

Let’s take a look at the many other creative ways pet parents, breeders and pet professionals use Lennypads.

Line Crates
Lennypads work as great crate liners. You can find the right size Lennypad to fit crates of all shapes and sizes. The ultra-absorbent, quick dry surface of the pad keeps your pup comfortable and clean while in the crate.

Protect Floors
Lennypads protect your floors from pet accidents and give you piece of mind. Here’s what Lennypads fans have said.

“Have some in the washer now. Saving so much money. Floors stay dry. I love these.” Dinda, pet parent

“We have a small half Chihuahua & half Shih Tzu dog that uses pee pads while we're at work during the day. He loves these & hasn't had an accident anywhere in the house since we started using Lennypads. I highly recommend and will be buying more.” Stacy, pet parent

Protect Vehicle Surfaces
Use oversized, washable Lennypads to protect your vehicle surfaces from pet hair, moisture or any accidents from your pup. Lennypads customers have also come up with some very creative uses for Lennypads in their vehicles.

“I use mine for my back seat. I love using them when I do messy craft projects, too. They are perfect for that!” Reneau, pet parent

“I bought a king size Lennypad to put on our truck seat when my husband goes kayaking and I take the dogs to play in the water. I figure if it’s good for wet paws, it will be good for wet shorts!” Joannie, pet parent

Protect Furniture
Lennypads can be used to protect your furniture from hair, dirt, liquid and anything else that you or your pets can get on your surfaces. There are Lennypads in all sizes to fit couches, beds, chairs and more.

Line Whelping Boxes
One of the most popular uses for Lennypads is in whelping boxes. While beautiful, whelping can be a messy experience. Breeders like that Lennypads keep both mom and babies dry and cleanup easier. See for yourself what these breeders have said about using washable Lennypads in their whelping boxes.

We just whelped a litter of 10 Vizslas using the new 4x4 pads. It was one of the cleanest whelpings we've done. Babies now living on the pads. Easy to clean and good traction for the pups. Thank you for this product! Wouldn’t whelp a litter without them. Wash, bleach, dry . . . keeps the puppy area so clean!” Deby, breeder

“I use Lennypads as mats for traction and cleanliness during weaning time.” Amber, breeder

“I love mine . . . easier to use in birthing box . . . liquid wicks away, puppies stay cleaner . . . I recommend to anyone expecting puppies . . . plus they dry so fast after washing.” Linda, breeder

Under Water Bowls
If you have a sloppy drinker and are tired of mopping up around water and food bowls, Lennypads are for you. Just place an ultra-absorbent, leak-proof Lennypad under your dog's bowls to save your time, your floors and your sanity.

Under Litter Box
This is a great use for cats or dogs who are litter box trained. Lennypads will stop litter tracking throughout the house and absorb any misses. Scottie breeder, Ann had this to say. “This year I am using them under the litter box. This was the first year I have litter box trained my litter of Scotties. Love the Lennypads as they catch the spills and wash great . . . time after time.”

When You or Your Dog Can’t Get Outside
Lennypads offer an alternative solution when going potty outside is not an option. Whether due to an injury, living arrangements or the weather, Lennypads keep your dog and you happy and dry inside.

“They are great for people like me who live in an apartment and can’t get out due to disabilities.” Jackie, pet parent

“I knew immediately these pads were something that would simplify our lives now and in future severe weather would serve us for years to come, as well. What a great product!!! I’m so pleased.” Sheryl, pet parent

Give Older Dogs Confidence
When senior pooches start to have more accidents, Lennypads let them maintain their lifestyle while helping pet parents deal with changes as pets age. Deby, a parent of both puppies and a senior dog agrees. “Love my Lennypads for whelping and now with our 16+ year old.”

Other Uses Around the House
These pet parents have to win the award for most creative uses of Lennypads. Check them out.

“I love them. I put them at the back door as a mat for muddy feet. Better than a rug and easier to wash!” Denise, pet parent

“I place a Lennypad under my ultra-food-motivated dog who drools like crazy when we eat dinner. After dinner, I can just pick up the pad and throw it in the washer. No mopping needed!” Lauren, pet parent

So versatile and so durable, Lennypads are a must have for any home with dogs. For more information about Lennypads and their many uses, visit our contact us. Shop for pads of all sizes at

We would love to hear from you! Let us know how you use reusable, washable Lennypads with your dogs and litters of puppies. Visit our Facebook page and leave a message, pictures or video to share your expertise. Love washable, share washable with Lennypads!


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