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Pet Pads for Cats

In celebration of Healthy Cat Month, we at Lennypads are turning our attention to our feline friends. Did you know that pet pads are for all animals, not just dogs? That’s right! Lennypads customers use our ultra-absorbent pads for dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs and more.

While using pee pads for cats may not be as mainstream as it is for dogs, doing so can save cat parents’ time, money and sanity, too. All while keeping cats happy and healthy. Let’s look at some common uses for pet pads in a home with cats.

Under food and water bowls

If you have a sloppy drinker and are tired of mopping up around water and food bowls, Lennypads are for you and your kitty. Just place ultra-absorbent, leak-proof Lennypads under your cat’s bowls to save your time, your floors and your sanity.

Under traditional litterbox

Cats are known to be clean animals, but some owners will tell you that they make a mess from time to time. Some cats have a habit of tracking litter, and all that comes along with it, out of their litterbox. Some cats miss their litterbox altogether, choosing instead to do their business just beside the target area. Putting your cat’s litter box on top of large Lennypads will stop litter tracking throughout the house and absorb any misses.

Inside litterbox

Lennypads are great replacement for expensive, heavy and cumbersome kitty litter. Instead of filling your cat’s litterbox with traditional kitty litter, lay freshly washed Lennypads flat on the bottom of the litterbox or drape it over the edges. Since some cats prefer to go on soft surfaces, the soft top layer and cushy soaker of Lennypads provide an ideal elimination surface.

On the floor

Like the litterbox liner idea above, you can simply place Lennypads on the floor of your home and teach the cat to use the pad. This is especially good for older cats or those with mobility issues, for whom climbing in and out of a litterbox is difficult. Tip: Place some of the cat’s stool or a handful of kitty litter on the pad to get the cat used to the idea of going there.

In their favorite spots

If your cat has taken to the idea of peeing or spraying other areas of your house, we have a solution. Place Lennypads in their favorite elimination areas, like behind the toilet or near your favorite plant, to make cleanup a breeze. Just throw Lennypads in the washer and hang to dry or dry on low heat. It’s as simple as use, wash, repeat.

As furniture coverings

Keep cat hair, kitty litter and other messes off your furniture with Lennypads. Pads are available in ten sizes and three styles to fit any home décor and types of furniture. Lennypads range from small 13”x22” pads to cover a small ottoman to huge 48”x72” pads which will cover the seating surface of most standard couches. Available in white and two plaid styles, Lennypads will blend in seamlessly with your home’s existing esthetic.

Remember, potty pads aren’t just for dogs. Give Lennypads a try with your cats and see the difference for yourself. Here’s to healthy, happy cats from all of us at Lennypads!


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