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Tips to Keep Your Pets Safe During the Solar Eclipse

Eclipse mania has reached a fever pitch here in the US.  Monday, August 21 will be the first time in 38 years that a total solar eclipse has been visible anywhere in the contiguous United States. A cost-to-cost eclipse, like the one that will take place Monday, has not happened in the US for 99 years. It’s a rare event, indeed.

Everyone seems to be making preparations for the eclipse. Schools are out. Special glasses have been bought. Cameras are at the ready. What about your pets?

Experts agree that the eclipse does not pose a major threat to pets’ health. While animals’ eyes can be permanently damaged by gazing into the sun just like ours, most animals do not make that a regular practice on eclipse Monday or any other day. If you will be encouraging your pet to view the eclipse with you then you will need to make accommodations in the form of special glasses for your furry friend, too. Otherwise, leaving them indoors during the short event will suffice.

There are a few other things to keep in mind to keep your pet safe during the eclipse. If you’ll be bringing you pet along with you to an eclipse viewing site, make sure to bring plenty of water for your pet and keep him or her on a leash. If your pet has any odd reactions to darkness or changes in the weather, be aware that he or she may display that reaction when the 1 to 2-minute darkness descends during the day.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that in previous eclipses chickens have gone to roost and cows have taken shelter in their barn like they typically do at night. Your domesticated pet may act similarly when the sky gets dark and the temperature drops.

The best thing to do for your pet’s during this Summer’s eclipse is to treat it like a normal day for your pet. Dogs and cats often pick up on the vibes their owners’ give off. If you get excited, anxious or stressed, they may too. Keep them indoors and comfortable. If your pets are anything like ours, chances are that Fido and Fluffy will sleep through the whole historic event.


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