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8 Safety Tips for your Pets on Halloween

It’s time for the most frightfully fun night of the year. Ensure that you and your little furry monster have a scary good time this Howl-o-ween by boning up on these safety tips.

Keep Halloween candy away from pets.
Chocolate, raisins and the sweetener Xylitol can be toxic to dogs, cats and other small pets. Candy wrappers can pose a choking hazard or cause an intestinal blockage, so throw them away in a closed receptacle away from pets. If your pet consumes candy or wrappers, immediately call your vet or the ASPCA poison control line at 888-426-4435. Reward your pet with healthy treats, like dog biscuits, to keep him satisfied.

Dress up pets with care.
Fluffy’s costume should use only soft, nontoxic, lightweight materials. Don’t obstruct your pet’s eyes, nose or mouth. Your pet’s movement, breathing and pottying should not be hindered by his or her costume. If you will be walking around with your dog at night, adding a reflective element is a good idea. Check out our
DIY pet costume ideas.

Keep pets inside during trick or treat time.
It is best to keep pets inside on a night when people will be coming and going from your home. Watch out for open doors. Pets who pose a flight risk should be kept secure in a room away from commotion at the door.

Decorate with pets in mind.
Open flame in candles and jack-o-lanterns can pose threats to your pets as well as your home. Dry ice can be very dangerous for pets as well. Keep pets away from these hazards and monitor them around any new decorations.

Make pets visible and keep them close when they are outside.
Halloween night can be fun for owners and pets alike if pets are secured with a well-fitted collar and attached to a leash. Add a reflective or lighted item to your dog’s collar or leash if he or she will be out at night.

Ensure your pets stay relaxed.
Forego including Fido in your festivities if he is the anxious, non-social type. Too many visitors can make even the calmest pet stressed. Provide frightened dogs with a safe refuge from trick-or-treaters and a place to potty inside, away from unfamiliar people, noises and costumes.
Lennypads ultra-absorbent, reusable potty pads can be the perfect solution for times like this.

Outfit your pets with ID tags and microchips.
Halloween is the second most common day for pets to become lost. A well-fitted collar with an ID tag including your name, phone number and address is a must for any pet who could get outside during fright night. Microchips and up-to-date ID tags can save your pet’s life is she was to get lost.

Keep pets away from small costume pieces and glow sticks.
Aside from the dangers of choking and intestinal blockages, the substance inside glow sticks can be toxic. Cats and dogs seem to like to chew on the lighted necklaces and rods. Getting into the glowing agent can produce oral pain, vomiting or worse.

From all of us at Lennypads, we wish you a hauntingly fun and safe Halloween!


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