So you may ask what are Lennypads or what are washable pet pads? Well, thousands of questions just like that have led to tens of thousands of happy customers converting from disposable pads, towels, and newspapers and to saying they “love” washable Lennypads. Lennypads are the most consumer friendly washable pad on the market by offering quality products at a reasonable price, premium customer service, and a wide array of pad sizes to fit your needs. All Lennpads are 100% leak-proof, ultra absorbent, and can we washed and reused 100s of times. Taking care of your Lennypads is simple. Check out our care guide for more information. So start making the Earth greener, your home cleaner, your wallet fuller, and your dog more comfortable. Start loving washable. Start loving Lennypads.

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Protect Home Surfaces

Your floors and home surfaces deserve to stay clean, sanitary, and presentable. But new puppies or pets of all sizes and shapes think otherwise. Lennypads provide the purest of protection against accidents and spills from your furriest of friends. Simply layout a Lennypads on home surfaces and protect carpet, hardwood floor, linoleum, and much more.

Protect Furniture

From pups to senior pets, they like to get up in our chairs, couches, and beds. And with the love they bring they also bring accidents and messes. Protect your home surface with Lennypads. The washable pads soak up all liquid while remaining 100% leak-proof with our commercial grade water proof barrier. Lennypads has developed oversized pads which assist in covering entire couches and a majority of your bed space. Check out the size that best fits your needs here.

Protect Vehicle Surfaces

Travel with your dog in confidence and comfort. Lennypads are perfect to place on car seats or in the backs of SUVs. Place in crates and kennels or under any carrying device. If your dog is anxious or simply has an accident then Lennypads are there to protect your vehicle surfaces from any liquid produced from your pup. Use Lennypads for when your are on the GO and your dog needs to GO.

Whelping New Puppies

Lennypads are professional dog breeders’ #1 choice in pad for whelping new litters of puppies. The ultra absorbent technology of Lennypads soaks up high volumes of liquid while keeping puppies and the mother dry, comfortable, and sanitary. Lennypads also offers a variety of whelping box sized pads that are perfect for your next litter of little furry friends.