Washable Lennypads are approved and used by numerous pet professionals in the veterinarian industry. Vet techs, doctors, and staff prefer Lennypads over disposable pads and towels because they keep the pet more dry and comfortable, allow for easy clean up, have a leak proof vinyl barrier, and most importantly can be used over and over again. Lennypads are saving vet clinics and animal hospitals thousands of dollars each year. The washable, reusable pads are perfect for exam tables, surgery surfaces, recovery areas, and kennels. Lennypads is proud to support veterinarian and animal hospitals. See below for more information about our vet discount program.

Exams and Surgery

The ultra absorbent quality of Lennypads creates an unbelievably comfortable surface for animals on exam tables. The pad’s deluxe soaker layer quickly absorbs any liquids that become present during the exam process. The ultra absorbent power is also beneficial for surgeries and operations. Blood, bile, urine and any other discharge soaks up into the pad keeping the area dry and proves easy clean up for the facility staff. Lennypads also wash very clean after use. Click here to see best practices for pad maintenance and washing.

Recovery and Rest

Lennypads are commonly used in vet facilities for boarding or recovering animals. The pads provide additional comfort for the animal. Each pad continues to be fully absorbent and leak-proof just in case of accidents or to absorbent any liquids from the recovering animal. Lennypads come in a variety of sizes to best fit your kennel and recovery area needs.

Pad Sizes

Lennypads are the preferred pad for pet professionals due to our array of versatile sizes. Pad sizes range from Small 13"x22" to our King size 48”x72”. Popular sizes for vet facilities are the Large 23”x27”, XL Long 24”x36”, and Jumbo 48”x48” pad. Pads are designed to fit in kennels and cages, surgery surfaces, or to place on the floor for resting and recovering animals. Click here to see all pad sizes.

Discount Program

We appreciate all that our pet professionals do to keep our furry friends happy, health, and safe. As a way to say thank you we offer vet clinics and facilities a 10% off discount on all orders. To apply simply click the application button below and fill our short application. Once we review and approve then a personalized code will be sent you for discounts on all future Lennypad orders.