The Lennypads brand is always excited and eager to grow with professionals in the pet retail and distribution spaces. Lennypads offeres branded and packaged pads that are designed and ready for retail store shelves. Pet owners with needs for potty pads are looking for more economical alternatives that also have less of an environmental impact. Lennypads is a preferred brand as we have years of quality service and providing a washable pad with integrity at a reasonable price. If you want to join the washable “movement” and increase sales revenue please click on the application link below and a representative will contact you with details, pricing, and to answer any questions.

Ready For Retail

Lennypads is a brand with proven presence. Not only do we offer quality products, but thoughtful branding and packaging. Our goal is stop consumers in their tracks, educate, and convince them to purchase our wonder, washable pads. We also offer point of purchase and marketing tools to better educate and sale our pads within the retail environment. Pads are offered in a variety of sizes and quantity of packs. Contact us today for more information.

Proven Product

Quality is key and thousands of happy Lennypads customers agree. All pads are 100% leak-proof, ultra absorbent, and can be washed 100s of times per pad. The demand and approval for Lennypads continues to grow among pet owners and pet professionals.

Happy Customers

Most pet owners do not look forward to purchasing disposable potty pads, but the phenomenon of washable pads has proven otherwise. Countless customers praise Lennypads and simply say they “love” them. Don’t just listen to us click here to read testimonials from happy, Lennypad-loving customers. Visit our testimonials page.

A Personal Touch

We are proud to be company with teams of real people. Real people that love and believe in the Lennypads brand and products. Real people that pick up the phone or respond to emails in hopes of answering any questions or placing of orders. We take pride in not being over-automated. As retail or distribution partners, you will be assigned a Lennypads representative that will assist with any and all Lennypads needs.