LennyPads Facts

Curious why our pads are so great? While Lennypads are known for absorbency, leak-proof technology, ability to wash, and easy clean up; they are also endorsed by pet professionals around the world and are held as a true cost savings device for any pet owner. Learn more facts about why our washable dog pads are loved by so many.

Welcome to a cleaner, drier home. Protect carpets, floors, couches, and beds.
LennyPads have four layers:
  1. Brushed Polyster Top
  2. Ultra Absorbent Soaker Layer
  3. Commercial Grade Vinyl
  4. Woven Fabric Mesh
The average dog uses 17,000 disposable pads in her lifetime. That equates to thousands of dollars (between $5,000 and $6,000). Each LennyPad can replace hundreds of those disposable pads, saving you money!
LennyPads provide extra protection and comfort to any crate bedding.
Great, green replacement for disposable potty pads.
One of the most popular uses of our pads is in whelping boxes. They make clean-up easy and keep the puppies comfortable and dry.
By far, LennyPads have more absorbing capacity than any other dog pad on the market.
LennyPads are not only widely accepted by pet owners, dog breeders, and groomers, but are endorsed for medical use and kennel use by top rated veterinary specialists across the US.
We created each LennyPad size for a purpose - from crates to covering huge surfaces. We take great pride in offering a wide variety of sizes and are the ONLY source for vinyl pads in whelping box sizes.