Disposable potty pads make up a huge part of the pet market. Unlike babies, dogs never stop using them. If you work a lot, live in a big city, have a lot of cold weather, or just don't like to take your dog outside, disposable potty pads seem like a good option. The concept is great. Your dog can go to the bathroom without destroying your house!

So what's the problem? Considering the average dog uses over 17,000 potty pads in its lifetime, you are spending thousands and thousands of dollars on disposable potty pads. Not to mention, landfills are packed with these things. Most contain a plastic that will never breakdown in the ground. Take a look at what you will spend on disposable potty pads on ONE pet.

How many disposable pads do you use per day?

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LennyPads is here to offer you a much better alternative to those disposable potty pads! What makes us better??

  • LennyPads are washable, so forget spending thousands of dollars on disposable pads. Just throw them in the wash and use them again and again.
  • 1 LennyPad will replace 100's of disposable potty pads, keeping them out of landfills.
  • LennyPads are far more durable than dispoable puppy pads. The disposable pads tear like paper. Our pads are made with real, tough textiles - forget the paper!
  • LennyPads are far (really far) more absorbent than a disposable pad.
  • Veterinarians across the country recommend LennyPads over disposable pads.

See our four layers of protection:

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