About Us

Adam and Kellen created LennyPads in 2014 to help focus and grow the reusable pad portion of the business that Lenny started 5 years prior. Since that time, they have expanded the new line of products and are continually exploring new products that can help pet owners keep their pets comfortable and dry. You will find Adam and Kellen at dog shows, pet expos, and trade shows all over the country. They are very active in the daily activities of the business. Lenny is the company's namesake. Out of respect of Lenny's years of hard work, Adam and Kellen decided that his legacy should be honored with every pad that is sold. Lenny planted the seed by creating this vision for the dog industry. He has always had a passion for finding more life for reclaimed textiles, and this passion is making pet owner's lives easier. You will still find Lenny at dog shows from time to time.