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These pads are the most absorbent pads on the market and are 100% leak proof. We spent countless hours going through samples and designing these pads to be the best on the market for your beloved animals.

  • The top of these pads are equipped with a brushed polyester. We chose this material because it is extremely soft and dries very quickly.
  • In the middle, you will find the thickest soaker on the market. This soaker will hold 11oz of liquid per square foot - way more than you will ever need.
  • The back is protected with a commercial grade vinyl that will keep your floor, furniture, and other surfaces completely dry.

** A new look is coming! Please note that over the next year the look of our white pads is changing. Pads will begin to have our blue logos printed on the absorbent side. This is designed for branding and aesthetic purposes. Depending on stock, some pads will arrive as a solid white pad, while others will have the branded facings. All pads continue to be ultra absorbent, leak proof and washable. Thank you, and continue loving washable. **

These pads are available in 8 sizes:

  • S - 13"X22" - great for small crates
  • M - 18"x24" - small pee pad and crates
  • L - 23"X27" - good pee pad size
  • XL - 28"X32" - great general purpose pee pad, good to tile in whelping boxes
  • XL Long - 24"X36" - crates or any rectangular shaped purpose
  • XXL - 36"X36" - very common whelping box size
  • JUMBO - 48"X48" - most common whelping box size
  • KING SIZE - 48"X72" - great for covering a large amount of surface area

Because of the manufacturing process, pads could differ in size by up to 1 inch.

What can LennyPads be used for?

  1. Crate Bedding (see our Crate Training Tips page)
  2. Whelping Litters (recommend Ultra Absorbent)
  3. Potty Training / Pee Pads
  4. Incontinence Management
  5. Veterinary Offices
  6. Grooming Facilities
  7. Boarding Facilities
  8. Car Upholstery Protection
  9. Much, much more

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