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For those of you looking for something a little different, these designer pads offer an alternative to the standard white top. These pads have the same absorbency as our ultra absorbent line and are completely leak proof.

They are available in 7 sizes:

  1. 13"X22"
  2. 18"X24"
  3. 23"X27"
  4. 28"X32"
  5. 36"X36"
  6. 48"X48"
  7. 48"X72"

Because of the manufacturing process, pads could differ in size by up to 1 inch.

What can LennyPads be used for?

  1. Crate Bedding (see our Crate Training Tips page)
  2. Whelping Litters (recommend Ultra Absorbent)
  3. Potty Training / Pee Pads
  4. Incontinence Management
  5. Veterinary Offices
  6. Grooming Facilities
  7. Boarding Facilities
  8. Car Upholstery Protection
  9. Much, much more

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